• About me

    My name is Małgorzata Filipowicz. I am 50 years old. I am a coach and a trainer. I have graduated in Post MA Diploma Studies of Coaching at Higher School of Social Psychology in Warsaw with mark A and The Course for First Grade Trainers at 11 Muses Foundation in Łódź. I have almost 30 years’ experience in working with individual clients and groups. My experience also concerns the work in corporations, national organisations and running my own firm.

    I am a life, career and intercultural coach. I help people who are interested in personal development, career development and good relations with other people. I help people who wish to make their dreams come true, look for a job or want to change it. I also help people who change country, city or work in their gentle integration in their new environment.

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    In my practice I use the GROW model as well as elements of provocative coaching and NLP. I also use elements of direct training.

    I am interested in coaching, psychology, music, film and tourism in Poland and abroad. I have walked in all Polish mountains and I received Gold Mountain Tourist Badge.

    I write articles for the blog UCZY.info ::uczyć nowocześnie.

    I belong to the Association of Polish Coaches.

    I am a very attentive and patient listener, I know how to motivate to take action  and coaching is my passion.