• Intercultural coaching

    Intercultural coaching – is aimed at:

    • foreigners who came to Poland for professional or personal purposes;
    • people who changed or want to change their working or living place;
    • people working for corporations, especially those cooperating with overseas branches of organisations;
    • managers and members of management staff;
    • salespeople and sales representatives;
    • people working with foreigners;
    • people who plan a longer staying abroad.

    The goal of intercultural coaching is to prepare the client for cultural differences, or even cultural shock, which they can experience working with people, especially after changing a country, city or place of work. This kind of coaching includes elements of training. I help the client to go through the period of adaptation and to deal with emotional, mental and relational difficulties. I also point out the most characteristic cultural features which the client can face at work as well as in private relations.

    Initially I arrange a consultation with the client. During the consultation I familiarize myself with the client and their needs and I present to the client the plan of work.

    At the beginning I set about 10 sessions. 1 session lasts sixty minutes.
    I offer 3 forms of the work:
    Standard work: 60 minutes once a week.
    Fast work: 120 minutes once a week.
    Slow work: 60 minutes every second week.

    I, for my part, advise the clients to take up fast or standard work, but it is the client who decides for themselves which work they wish to take up.

    I coach in both Polish and English languages at the office or by skype.

    Information and registration by phone: +48 888 271 396