• Career coaching

    Career coaching – is aimed at graduates, people searching for a job, or people who are burnt out and want to change their job. At the beginning I help the client to identify their assets and professional experience as well as the ability to take up a particular job. I teach the client to write correct cvs and letters of application. Next, together with the client, I decide where they can look for a job. I check the cv and letter of application prepared by the client paying special attention to correct linguistics and content. At the client’s request I can write their application documents myself. At the end the client rehearses the interview with me. It happens that the client does set homework between the sessions.

    The client has to have permanent access to a computer and Internet, because this is the way they will look for job advertisements and answer them.

    Initially I arrange a consultation with the client. During the consultation I familiarize myself with the client and their needs and I present to the client the plan of work.

    At the beginning I set about 10 sessions. 1 session lasts sixty minutes.

    I offer 3 forms of the work:
    Standard work: 60 minutes once a week.
    Fast work: 120 minutes once a week.
    Slow work: 60 minutes every second week.

    I, for my part, advise the clients to take up fast or standard work so that the preparation to find their job lasts for a short time, but it is the client who decides for themselves which work they wish to take up.

    I coach in both Polish and English languages at the office or by skype.

    Information and registration by phone: +48 888 271 396