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    Małgorzata is this person who will extremely tactfully enter your life and will professionally clean the effects of an emotional tornado or other crisis. With her wisdom she will illuminate the way to a better future, getting to the bottom of your needs. I am very grateful!


    Małgosia is a phenomenal listener and the power of peace. She asks well-aimed questions, which allow for finding important aspects, look at the matter from a different perspective. All of this gave me the courage to start the journey I was afraid of, enter into the talks I was shy about. I believed I could … and I did it.


    Gosia is a born coach. She has tremendous peace inside and the attentiveness for the client as well as the talent for building the atmosphere based on trust and security, which helps to work effectively. The work with Gosia is the invitation to discover the potential and resources which lie dormant in us.


    I have had the unprecedented chance to take part in the coaching sessions which included 10 meetings carried on by a life, career and intercultural coach Ms Małgorzata Filipowicz.
    From the first meeting she appeared to be a warm and professional person, whom you can entrust with your matters and yourself. The feeling of security and trust, which accompanied us during all the sessions, could be felt as soon as from the first contact.
    I could not dream of better sessions. Some wise person said that if you experience a crisis, you have to stop, look carefully around and tidy up in order to move on. Together with Małgorzata we stopped and looked at all the most important aspects of my life and my situation, which seemed to me completely “immovable”, because I was at a difficult moment of my life, unhappy and dissatisfied with many of its aspects and in need of professional tools and advice how to deal with the mess in my life. I was almost sure that I was stuck in a rut. From the very beginning the sessions proceeded at a high, professional level and allowed for a solid and objective assessment of my situation, which I could not do by myself.
    I am delighted not with the phenomenon of coaching and its tools, because I had known them a bit earlier, but Małgorzata’s method of work, conversation and protection. She is an attentive listener, full of patience, especially for a person like me – with the tendency to talk a lot. She asks extraordinarily accurate questions and she gets, during the session, to the bottom of the matter, thanks to her inborn intuition and perceptiveness. In an extraordinarily tactful and balanced way does she draw the client’s attention to what is to be changed, but when it is necessary, she speaks firmly and openly, without colouring and covering up uncomfortable matters. During the sessions we raised painful for me subjects in the way which did not hurt my pride at all. I am happy that very complicated aspects of my past appeared during the meetings, because, thanks to Małgorzata, they were illuminated and tidied up as far as coaching tools made it possible.
    During only 10 meetings Małgorzata discussed and tidied up the most important issues of my life, starting with having a birds-eye view of them, through solid, precise analysis to formulating constructive final motions.
    I leave the sessions with a much greater peace, hope and belief in the future, abounding with extremely valuable hints and information, needed for creating my life. What is more, Małgorzata, putting a lot of effort, knowledge and experience in these meetings, made me believe that I did all this work myself. That is our fruitful cooperation during the sessions gave me not only precise solutions and an enormous amount of creative ideas, but also a sea of energy, self-confidence and, what is the most important, a feeling of the causation and control of my life. Thanks to Małgorzata I curbed the chaos of my life and look at the future with self-confidence and optimism.