• Life coaching

    Life coaching or personal coaching – is aimed at people who are interested in personal development. Such people may for instance want to:

    • put a passion or dream into action;
    • achieve balance between work and private life;
    • develop talents and interests;
    • take up fascinating education;
    • develop spiritual life;
    • change bad habits;
    • start a healthier life;
    • impart a sense and direction to their life.

    Life coaching can be independent or can be an introduction to business coaching or career coaching – coaching concentrated on identifying and achieving business aims, finding or changing a job, better organization of professional tasks, improving relations with co-workers.

    Initially I arrange a consultation with the client. During the consultation I familiarize myself with the client and their needs and I present to the client the plan of work.

    At the beginning I set about 10 sessions. 1 session lasts sixty minutes.

    I offer 3 forms of the work:
    Standard work: 60 minutes once a week.
    Fast work: 120 minutes once a week.
    Slow work: 60 minutes every second week.

    I, for my part, advise the clients to take up fast or standard work so that the work would be regular, but it is the client who decides for themselves which work they wish to take up.

    I coach in both Polish and English languages at the office or by skype.

    Information and registration by phone: +48 888 271 396